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I still have 600+ messages in my inbox because I never delete anything. A lot of them are tag/chain messages, a lot are anon hate, a few are actual messages. I think with the real messages, a lot of them are so old/buried under crap from so long ago no one would care if I delete them… sooo Im just going to delete everything. I’m so sorry. I’m not so cool I can’t talk to you. I don’t even have that many followers or anything. I just have a lot of real life stuff I have to do and it sucks.

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danhumphreyisa asked,

Today I asked my close friend who watches SPN about Destiel. She said that it was a thing created by fangirls and that she "has no idea why people would want that!" Even after seeing S8! She said that if there was any evidence to suggest that Dean was gay or bi she would understand, "but there isn't any at all." She seemed really offended by the whole idea and I'm worried that the majority of the people who watch SPN (not on Tumblr) feel this way? It worries me. Are they stupid or are we?


Well so far the storyline only implies Dean is bi and it can be brushed off as jokes or explained in other ways. It’s not canon that he’s bi, it’s only subtext.

So she’s kind of right in that aspect. However she should have noticed the many “jokes” about Dean’s sexuality. It’s a reoccurring thing…. from the beginning of SPN to the current season. And it’s a just DEAN thing. No one character is “joked” about in this way. Why is that? Well, what we (pro-canon Destiel shippers) are hoping for is that Dean will officially “come out” in canon, and that these “jokes” about Dean will have existed for a purpose and reason. This would happen either before a Destiel storyline takes place, or at the same time. But I agree  Dean’s sexuality is an issue that needs to be addressed in the official canon.

So yeah. The general audience doesn’t see subtext as fact, like shippers might, and needs Dean to “come out” first. But I think the general audience does see that there is an emotional connection/love between Dean and Cas. What they aren’t sure about is Dean’s sexuality… but at this point they should be at least questioning things and thinking… “okay this is a joke… right? Dean’s not bi is he?”

As far as it making sense for his character - it absolutely does! You as a shipper are NOT stupid. You just remember more about Dean’s past and habits and are able to make conclusions based off those things unlike a casual viewer. But the general audience will probably need the show to draw the connections for them. Which I am confident they will do when Destiel goes canon.

If any of your non-shipper friends try to tell you it doesn’t make sense, just read up on your meta and know your stuff! Then you can explain exactly why it does make sense. :)

Anonymous asked,

do you know any good destiel fic writers that post like frequent drabbles and stuff?


CloudyJenn is by far one of my favorites… but she posts fics to twitter, not tumblr, mostly I think. Maybe other places, Idk. I found a masterpost of her fics once on tumblr but I didn’t save it. :c She should make an official masterpost somewhere if she hasn’t already…

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Anonymous asked,

I love you mate and your blog And Destiel is canon I mean it Do you know that time Dean dreamed the hookers(cherry pie?)The devil one is very strangely similiar to Castiel,and Daphne is like female Dean And all that staring and personal space and dying and they tell me it aint canon?Go waste someone else you keep up


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Haha, yep. basically…

I mostly ship them due to the “profound” intimate emotional connection… I can’t see either of them ever having a female love interest who could hold a candle to what they mean to each other.

But the evidence towards sexual attraction is tangible as well, for sure.

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Anonymous asked,

Have you read "Have Love will Travel"? It has a stripper!dean and I believe he has a doctor, priest and cowboy routine :D


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I read it and loved it!!

Thanks so much for the rec!

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Anonymous asked,

ok nevermind i found the source, thanks for posting the article on here


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It’s awesome isn’t it?

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tsundeanre asked,

I know with me it's because I favor the sub? (in this case, Dean) there's also the projection, and the fact that I know how to be submissive better than dominant. It's an easy fallback.


I guess that makes sense.

But I’m a more of a dom and so ideally I want dom!Cas perspective, but its so hard to find! D=

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TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them that they are it :)


1) I gained five lbs recently and so now I’m dieting. Which may sound silly, but the reason I am gaining weight is because I am working more, and I work at a resturaunt and eat the food there all the time… and I can’t work less, so I’m going to have to watch what I eat better. Other wise I’ll keep gaining. 

2) I have really sensitive teeth. I have to let refrigerated food warm up for a minute before I eat it. I have had this problem ever since I tried using crest whitening strips a couple years ago… 

3) I use baking soda as an exfoliating face scrub. :)

4) I have a bladder infection D:

5) Cranberry juice sucks.

6) I’m also on my period.

7) My shoulder hurts.

8) I’m hungry. (Probably because I’m dieting.)

9) We’re out of cat-food and the cat won’t leave me alone. I said I’d go to the store later, Artemis! Stop stalking me!!!

10) I like to complain about things and pass that off as facts about myself.

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Anonymous asked,

I would think that you would be a hunter, I don't know why, but it just fits you :D


… how about because I’d get to kill things!!!

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ladydrace asked,

In the SPN universe you'd be an angel. A powerful being of light. Caring and empathic, but also ready and able to kick ass in the name of the freakin' lord ANYTIME MOTHAFUCKAH!! And you party a lot with Balthazar. I'm pretty sure you were part of the ménage á 12.


Hells yeah!

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bekkaa asked,

you'd be a ghost because you're so obsessed and if you ever died without making the person you love, fall in love with you, you would haunt them until the figure out its you, and then you kill them and then they say "i was in love with you the entire time" but then the reaper comes and brings you to hell before you two can kiss and make up.


This is almost accurate.

I would most likely come back and haunt Ben Edlund and Jeremy Carver until they made destiel canon.

I would write ‘Dean loves Cas’ in the condensation on Jeremy Carver’s bathroom mirror and push Misha on top of Jensen while they were filming…

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horsemovies asked,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *stuffs confetti in pockets*



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stellarrdrift asked,

I hate to say it but I feel like your analysis is probably closer to what will really happen. I was so excited about season 8 until I saw the actual footage of the panel where Edlund said all the supposed destiel stuff. It's just so depressing and such a cop out to the tension they have obviously been building for so many years. They don't even have to make it very obvious (like kissing) to make me happy. I always felt it was similar to Scully/Mulder, they didn't show them kiss until the movie


Well if the purgatory monster is for-sure a dude then it kills my theory… *relieved sigh*

I want to see Destiel acknowledged on screen, but I don’t think it has to be expressed vividly - passionate gay sex. I just want something soft and subtle.

A natural step forward, an acknowledgement of an already existing love.

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morningxfine asked,

Something is definitely going down in purgatory, but you're completely right about the Noah's Ark thing. More-so, though, I'm not completely convinced that "strange bedfellows" is necessarily a sexual implication. The way I've seen it used the most often is, like, the civil war in heaven created strange bedfellows in Castiel and Crowley. Or Meg and the Winchester, post 7x17. It's interesting, too, that Jared referenced Sam/Ruby - look at the narrative symmetry with the two and their contrasts


To me, the way he said it certainly sounded like he was implying something sexual. I realize it normally is a term used to mean unexpected ally, but the way he said it made it seem like he intended it to have a double meaning… Idk, I guess we’ll have to wait and find out. :)

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