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His fucking eyes match his shirt.. He knows what he does to us.

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Anonymous asked,

Ewww why do you like Cas he's so ugly and rude.


Oh I know right!!?

Like Soo rude.

Going around healing babies and shit… just who do you think you are Cas?!!

And I can barely stand to look at him…

It’s not like his face is perfect and chiseled like it was carved by angels or anything.

Please like this if your blog is mostly Castiel or Destiel.

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Anonymous asked,

the point is that denouncing nazis is not a controversial political stance. that's why it's funny. wtf how does this have anything to do with dean's sexuality, i don't??????



((Disclaimer: This is not the only way to interpret Misha’s tweet. But it would makes sense if SPN was outing Dean as Bi soon and Misha knew about it, here’s why…))

You know how on tumblr there are those pictures that people reblog and even though there is something obviously disturbing and wrong with the picture, people reblog it and ignore the obvious, instead adding comments like, "wow what a nice poster on the wall -I love that band"

And then someone else reblogs it and says, “What is wrong with you people? Is no one going to talk about the fact that…” and at this point you’d expect that person to state the obvious-wrong thing in the picture but instead they pick out something that isn’t even that terrible- in fact its a silly thing to notice, especially compared to how wrong the obvious-wrong thing is.

And that makes it funny.

NOW, Misha’s tweet can be interpreted the same way.

Lets say Supernatural IS developing Dean’s bisexuality (not necessarily pertaining to Destiel) and Misha knows about it having seen scripts we have not seen. This episode would have been the first blatant suggestion.

"Good for Supernatural being brave enough to…" this is the point where you expect Misha to comment on the on the obvious- (just like in the tumblr meme)  but instead he says “denouncing Nazis”

The fact that denouncing Nazis is not even that ‘brave a stance’ in the first place, especially compared to revealing dean as Bi which would be a brave move for SPN….

Thats what makes it funny.

Destiel is love because….. IT’S TIME TO START TRENDING

Destiel is love because @mishacollins said just because it’s unspoken doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Last time Misha REALLY wanted us to win a contest, he said he’d post a pic of himself naked on a horse.

I bet we’d be winning if he’d promised more nudes.

Misha. Why are you not naked?

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chizpurfles asked,

Umm... So Misha doesn't follow anyone? I don't know; I actually LOL'd @ that fact.





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I’m just going to leave you with part of one of my other photo ops before I go to bed. Mostly because I decided to see just how hi-res it is and don’t want to be in such a fragile state alone, partially because scruff. No, but seriously, just look at him.


I’m just going to leave you with part of one of my other photo ops before I go to bed. Mostly because I decided to see just how hi-res it is and don’t want to be in such a fragile state alone, partially because scruff. No, but seriously, just look at him.

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I’m probably happily sailing up the river denial, but I don’t agree at all with posts about Castiel dying at the end of the season.

Killing Cas would make no sense… and I don’t think Jeremy Carver will let them kill him because I have faith that Carver has big plans to use Castiel in season 8.

ALSO, Didn’t Misha say he was pleasantly surprised with the direction it looked like they were taking Cas? I doubt ‘dead’ is something Misha considers pleasant…

Toward the last few episodes of the season, they’re taking Cas in yet another wildly different direction, so there’s a whole other permutation of Castiel to come, which is, I would say, right along the lines of where I’d like to see him go. I was very pleasantly surprised again by the new twist.” x

I believe he was talking about the episodes after 7x17 at this point. "Right along the lines of where I’d like to see him go.” Misha has also said in multiple interviews, that the direction wants it to go is for Castiel fall and become human. I know he says it here and in a Q &  A video before we even knew for sure Castiel was coming back in season 7, but I can’t remember the link for it.

Plus, they like to try to do unexpected things to shock us. Killing Castiel wouldn’t shock ANYONE at this point. So I am preparing myself for human!Cas

I will miss angel!Cas so much T_T,  but on the other hand, I think human!Cas makes for great Destiel potential…. XD

Not only is human!Cas what Misha wants, but it’s what Castiel truly wants. “Much of the time, I’d rather be here.” Castiel hasn’t belonged in heaven for some time. His place is with his REAL family, the Winchesters.

And I can learn to dig a human!Cas. Castiel is a powerful bamf even without his powers. He took down a fuckin’ horseman while he was experiencing full-on human pain/sickness for the first time.

Also human!Cas brings us closer to everything ending like it does in 2014!!!!!

I just want to know how the hell a guy like MISHA, is able to do the whole ‘innocent’ wide eyed, baby-face Cas thing. 


Dear lord.

That face.

I give up.

I bet his parents were fucked. Whenever Misha wanted something, he’d just give them that face…

I be that face is how he convinced Jensen and Vicky that a threesome would be an awesome idea.

Shhhh, just vote.

If you haven’t already, go vote for Cas! :)

Act Made Out of Kindness

Dean winning 1st in this poll helps Misha more than Cas coming in 2nd

Coming in 2nd doesn’t really get you anything… other than the fact that you can say you came in second.

Supernatural ”WINNING ALL THE POLLS!” is a big part of what keeps supernatural on tv. 

8th season, you guys. Ratings dropping….

To have Castiel, we must first have supernatural.

I’m not saying don’t vote for Cas. I’m just saying focus your efforts on getting Dean safely into first place… and then vote for Cas. At that point, voting for Cas won’t hurt Dean’s lead over Sherlock, it’ll take away from both Dean and Sherlock’s % equally.

Just vote for Dean when he isn’t in 1st place - that’s all I ask.

Then you can focus on getting Cas into 2nd.