People who follow me can probably guess I’m not ‘into’ shipping


But the more I watch Supernatural the less I understand why certain people believe the Dean and Castiel thing so fiercely.

Take last night’s We Need to Talk About Kevin episode. When Dean tells Sam ‘Cas is gone’ does he seem particularly choked up to you? I suppose the argument would be we saw the flashbacks and saw him searching for Cas, which did make me change my mind (on this one example) a little. Maybe he’d already ‘made his peace’, to some extent, with what happened to him by the time he got back.

But it doesn’t explain the other times. When Lucifer killed him, did Dean seem particularly heartbroken at that point? Okay, yeah, other things were going (like the fact that the devil was possessing his brother), but if the love of your life was just murdered in front of you do you really think you’d be able to ignore that quite so easily? I also failed to detect any sense of relief when Cas came back. Dean shows much more emotion when something bad happens to Sam.

When Cas became the ‘New God’ and went of his killing spree did Dean seem that bothered by this change to the love of his life? Not enough, in my opinion.

Did Dean seem relieved when Cas came back after they thought he was dead for an entire season? Did leaving him in that mental institute prove as hard for Dean as you’d expect it to?

The response I’m expecting is Dean ‘doesn’t show his true emotions’ etc. but come on, people focus on one second-long expressions on their faces in gifs but these monumental moments of life and death come and go (several times in this show) and there’s nothing. It’s not so much that I think Dean doesn’t care about Cas as I think it’s just horrible writing, and / or even poor acting, at times. (People are going to hate me for even suggesting that one.)

This post isn’t about telling Destiel shippers that they are morons or anything, it’s just the ferocity with which some people believe it that I don’t understand, because it requires just ignoring how Dean reacts whenever something big or something real actually happens to Cas, because he doesn’t react as someone who’s in love.

I’ll tag this post with Destiel not to piss people off (people should really be better at handling differing opinions to theirs any) but because if someone replies an interesting conversation may come from it. I wonder if anyone who does ship it agrees with the bad writing theory, rather than just that I ‘don’t see what’s obvious’.

Ok, this is a really fantastic post. It’s definitely NOT trolling. And anytime you feel like discussing Dean and Castiel’s relationship it’s welcome in this tag, at least IMO. :)

It seems like mainly what you are questioning is whether or not Castiel is THAT important to Dean. Whether Castiel is in Dean’s opinion  ‘Love of your life’, soulmate-typed level of importance.

  • I have no idea whats going on with purgatory and Cas ‘letting go’ and the whole "I saw enough" thing…. so I can’t really give any insight there.
  • When Lucifer explodes Castiel at the end of season 5, Dean’s obviously upset, but there’s also lucifer, Sam (who is just as important to Dean as Cas) and the end of the world and all that to worry about. There are plenty of times when Cas is just hurt or suddenly dissapears, (like when Cas gets woozy from time traveling, or when Samuel banishes Cas in Cowley’s warehouse), and it appears Dean expresses a lot MORE concern over Cas being a lot LESS hurt. So because of that, when Cas explodes in ‘Swan Song’ I truly think it was just the situation….
  • When Cas went off and became the ‘God’ I though Dean’s reaction was very similar to how he treated Sam when Sam went  off with Ruby. I think Dean was shown as having a similar amount of pain - That scene where Sam walks into Bobby’s kitchen expecting to see Dean getting ready to go and instead, finds Dean sitting at his laptop, getting drunk and watching Hentai porn - Gah, This is NOT A DEAN WHO IS OKAY. I think that’s Dean at his most upset.
  • I felt that Dean leaving Castiel at the mental hospital was also in charcater, because to me it was something that Dean didn’t know how to deal with… It seemed to me like Dean was emotionally overwhlemed and ran away. I thought that was a very Dean-like thing to do.

So what is Castiel to Dean?

"Dean and I do share a more profound bond. I wasn’t going to mention it."
I bring this line up because even though this is Castiel saying this, not Dean, Cas could have said something that indicated that only Cas had strong feelings (platonic or otherwise) for Dean. Instead he said Dean and I share a more profound bond. Implying that it goes both ways - whether Dean likes to admit it or not. 

The way I see it Castiel is more than just a best friend or even a spouse-like-partner to Dean. It’s more than just human love, as Dean’s angel, Castiel is also Dean’s religion- He’s Dean’s faith.

We saw in 5x04 what happens when Dean loses Sam. He’s broken he starts becoming ruthless, stops caring about people. Sam is Dean’s humanity. "We keep each other human."

Well in season 7 we see what happened when Dean loses Cas, and in my opinion he is just as broken. Dean becomes alcoholic, depressed, he completely loses sight of what he was fighting for, what his life meant. To me, this proves that Castiel is just as important as Sam and that Dean just gets different things from them. Castiel is Dean’s faith and hope. “A part of me always believed you’d come back.”

And I realize the line got cut from the final scene, but it was still in released footage, so to me it counts as being true to Dean’s character.  And this is Dean saying that. Dean has never had faith in anything. But he believes in Cas.

So yes, I believe that Castiel is THAT important to Dean. He’s one of the most important people in Dean’s life, and Dean’s relationship with Castiel is certainly far more meaningful than any of the women Dean has been with on the show.

Destiel and the high possibility of it being considered canon

I have said some of this before but I wanted to share it with everyone in the Destiel tag. :)

I just want to congratulate everyone with how well they did on the Afterelton poll! We got publicity for Destiel and we got our point across - we got the support of our cast and crew! The offical CW_supernatural tweeted the poll link and the offical SPN facebook posted it too! This is huuuge, guys!

As long as the Destiel fandom continues to stay strong and encourage the cast/writers in a non-creepy way, I really think we will get some canon recognition by the end of the series! Here is why:

The great thing about Destiel is it doesn’t have to be made into canon, it already is. Dean and Castiel would go to the ends of the earth and back for each other - and beyond that! Destiel is a canon love story. The only thing in question is whether or not their feelings of undying love for each other are entirely platonic in nature.

Now sure, the writers will undoubtedly continue to tease through the seasons, for as long as possible. But when it’s all over, and all the storylines have to be tied up, there will have to be some kind of resolution for the relationship between Dean and Castiel too. And I really think that when there’s nothing left to lose or to be gained, the writers will give us definite some kind of confirmation either a legit kiss or a non disputable verbal admission of love. Just some way of the writers saying to us- ‘okay you guys are right - it’s a love story.’

Dean and Castiel really already are at that ‘legendary ship’ level that people are always going to look back on and ship when they rewatch the series, in the same way people do with ships like Kirk/Spock. It’s not a fad that people won’t remember.

Another ship that reminds me a LOT of Dean/Castiel is Xena/Gabrielle actually. Because the SUBTEXT was huge in the same way it is with Dean and Castiel. The jokes, innuendo,etc… And critics were like ‘it’s just a joke it doesn’t mean anything. They both like men! They aren’t really gay.’ But then, in the Xena series finale, there was this scene where they passed water between their lips in what was pretty much a kiss. And both the actresses who played the characters stated afterwards that yes, they both considered it canon. And nobody truly debates it anymore. I would die happy if we got that from SPN!!!

Now, that was YEARS ago… and since then there has been so much progress as far as acceptance for this kind of thing goes…both IRL and on tv.

So do you really think Dean and Castiel won’t get at least as much?

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Why is everyone so set on Destiel?


I know I’m not done with all the seasons yet, but no.

Just no. 

You must honestly be curious as to why people ship Dean/Cas. That would be the only reason I can think of someone would post this in the destiel tag! =DD

And you have come to the right place my friend! We can help you with that!!

Castiel to Dean: "They feel I’ve begun to express emotions."

Uriel to Dean: "Castiel, he uh, has this weakness. He “likes” you."

Castiel to Dean:“I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. You.”

Castiel to Dean: "I gave EVERYTHING for you"

Castiel to Dean: "Much of the time he’d rather be here."

Balthazar to Dean: "Sorry, you have me confused with the other angel. You know, the one in the dirty trench coat who’s in love with you.”

Dean asking Castiel if he’s going to follow him into what he knows will be a pointless suicide mission: "Are you coming?" Castiel to Dean: "Of Course."

Castiel to Dean: Can I tell you something if you promise not to tell another soul?”

Castiel only has personal space issues concerning Dean:

Dean to Castiel: "I was there. Where were you?"

Castiel to Dean: "Dean, it’s not broken!"

Dean to Castiel: "A part of me always believed you’d come back."

They quite obviously love each other. I don’t see how anyone can dispute this as canon fact.

The only thing in question is whether or there is a sexual element to their romance.

And while I personally think there is (another topic we can discuss if you like), there certainly doesn’t have to be.

Castiel is not a man.

Not even a human.

Castiel is a ball of light, a  multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent that is going to cling to Dean Winchester’s soul, like a moth drawn to a flame, and follow it wherever it takes him long after Dean’s natural human life has run its course.

What Dean and Castiel have doesn’t have to conform to something that can be labeled and limited by our weak human concepts of love because he’s a fucking Angel of the Lord.

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Those Destiel Moments

That moment you realize this angel is probably the best friend you’ve ever had:

That awkward moment when you realize that you find your best friend hot:

That awful moment when your best friend breaks your heart, but you don’t know how it happened because you weren’t supposed to ever let him get close enough to do that:

That moment of certainty, when you realize, for once, you have faith something:

That overwhelming moment you realize you’re in love with your best friend:

I think 7x17 was one of the most important Destiel episodes, as far as relationship development goes.

I just can not get over the fact that Dean’s reaction to Daphne wasn’t "Atta, boy Cas!" *smirk, wink*

Now maybe because of the somber circumstance, (you know just finding out Cas is alive and all) maybe it would be a bit toned down…

But still… I would expect from Dean, something like a brief brow furrow, 'How did Cas manage that?' Followed by a head tilt/nod and sturgeon face, 'Good for you buddy'. Or something like that.

Because that’s just what we’d stereotypically EXPECT to see when a guy’s best friend loses the v-card. 

Especially since this is DEAN. Stereotypical alpha male Dean


Especially considering how Dean acts when Sammy gets a girl "That’s my boy!"

INSTEAD Dean’s reaction is this:

He sucks in a quick, hard breath and swallows.

It looks as though, it feels to Dean like a punch in the gut.

Like it never even occurred to him that this sort of thing could happen. That someone else could call Cas theirs. Because Cas has always been Dean’s. Cas’ entire existence was centered around Dean.

And maybe this was something Dean needed to see. Because sometimes you don’t know what you want til it’s gone. Cas dies and Dean realizes how much he misses Cas. Dean sees Cas belonging to someone else and he realizes how much he just wants Cas to be only his.

Dean is not that dumb. He isn’t be so blissfully ignorant of his own feelings that he doesn’t understand why it upsets him to see Cas with Daphne. He might be just now realizing it… but after that little display, trust me, he knows.

Lol, obvious fishing for details is obvious. This question feels so much like the classic  “So.. are you seeing anyone?”

Dean: Oh great. Fine. more flirting.That’s cool. NOT

I also think maybe THAT’S why Dean was so quick to get the fuck out of that hospital, because he’s running away from these feelings about Cas, which are possibly very “new” (in that he’s just now getting it) and also maybe somewhat confusing to him. Emotional crisis. Run!

Here are my comments on the article! Be sure to add some of your own about why destiel is amaaaaazing! x

The main reason most of these pairings are more popular than the more canon heterosexual pairings, is because in order for the fandom to really accept a romance it has to develop ON SCREEN in a way that is believable.
We’ve watched Dean and Cas grow closer, and connect with each other, and come to love each slowly over time. Dean and Sam have tons of loving, intimate little moments on screen. Even Castiel and Sam, have had more relationship development happen on screen then Dean/Lisa.
The writers saying, “Here’s Lisa. She’s bendy. Dean likes her.” is just…. cheap.

I ship Dean/Castiel.

Because sparks flew when they met (literally).
Because Castiel only has personal space issues concerning Dean.
Because for the first time in his existence Castiel FEELS.
Because Castiel has this weakness, he “likes” Dean.
Because Castiel was getting too close to the humans in his charge - to Dean.
Because Castiel gave EVERYTHING for Dean.
Because Castiel has heaven, but much of the time he’d rather be here.
Because Castiel is the one in the dirty trenchoat who’s in love with him.
Because Castiel FELL for Dean, said ‘Of course’ even though Castiel knew it was a lost cause. He followed Dean to his death, in ‘THE END’.
Because Castiel loved Dean so much, that he would rather sell his figurative soul to the devil, eat a bunch of evil  monster-souls, destroy himself, and become hated by everyone, so that he could save the world so that Dean wouldn’t have to, because he couldn’t stand the thought of asking Dean to give anything more.

At this point, there is really no doubt in my mind that Castiel loves
Dean in a romantic way. Castiel has said he is “indifferent to sexual orientation” and being an Angel, he doesn’t really have a true gender outside his vessel… so it’s likely homosexuality/heterosexuality is not even an issue for him. 

Castiel is a character worthy of our beloved hero. Castiel rivals Dean and challenges him. He is someone with who Dean can fight side by side and share a mutual admiration and respect of strengths and abilities. It also helps that Castiel is an underdog, which makes him more sympathetic to audiences… we want to fall in love right alongside Dean.

There have been many in depth character studies done by fans speculating on Dean’s possible repressed bisexuality. Things like Dean’s reaction to Dr. Sexy, and the episode where the siren chose a male as the attractive form to lure Dean (as opposed to a woman like with all the other men) are some of the most commonly talked about instances that indicate Dean may not be entirely straight.
Not to mention the various comments by side characters questioning Dean’s sexuality… and even Sam telling Dean, “Well you are kind of butch. They probably think you’re over-compensating.”

Dean often ‘flirts’ with Castiel, some of the banter between them, while intended to be humorous, is still nothing I could ever imagine saying to one of my platonic friends…
Castiel: *gives Dean a dirty look*
Dean: “Well Cas, not for nothing but last time someone looked at me like that, I got laid.”
Castiel: *intensifies stare*
Dean: *smirks and winks*

In “The End” Dean, while speaking to his future-self, is able to admit that Castiel is in his own category of his own outside of ‘friend’,  “You mean you’re gonna feed your friends into a meat grinder? Cas, too?” Because Castiel is more than just a friend.

"In Free To Be You and Me" Dean explains ‘personal space’ to Cas, explaining the inappropriateness; the intimacy, or desired intimacy it implies… and then Dean spends the rest of the episode invading Castiel personal space. Dean also makes two different references to fictional characters who are "best friends", but seen as gay by most viewers. "Bert and Ernie are gay and I’m not going to let you die a virgin."  And he also compares Cas and himself to Thelma and Louise, who kissed, on the lips, before they sailed off that cliff together.
In conclusion, I see Castiel as being romantically in love with Dean, but being confused and somewhat unaware of it because emotions are still new to him. I see Dean as a repressed bisexual struggling with a definite attraction to his best friend.

I do think Dean loves Castiel, but probably not as much as Castiel loves Dean. I think it’s impossible for any human to love something as deeply as Castiel loves Dean. As an Angel, Castiel was created to worship and love, and somehow Dean has become the center of that attention.

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Tagged with: why i ship it

Seriously. I don’t understand what the writers of spn are thinking. If they don’t intend for Dean and Cas to be ‘shipped together why did they write them like a classic love story? It has all the elements of a great romance.

I didn’t WANT to ship destiel…

All I wanted for Dean was a romance that develops in a believable way,

Featuring a partner capable of capturing Dean’s (and our) interest and rivaling Dean’s strengths and challenging him.

…Someone with who Dean could fight side by side and share a mutual admiration and respect of strengths and abilities,

With chemistry that could be described as fiery and passionate.

And love that is willingly sacrificial (in the typical Winchester fashion).

And like any of the greatest, most epic romances, something that highlighted the steadfast and unwavering love of the underdog.

So as you can see, It’s not my fault.

Supernatural - a show about the epic and complicated love developing between a hunter and an angel

It’s The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester:

Can I tell you something if you promise not to tell another soul?”

Aww they trust each other, they’re fwiends! ^_^ Look at them, sharing secrets.


The Head of A Pin:

“They feel I’m becoming too close to the humans in my charge, You.”

“They feel I’ve begun to express emotions“

Wow, Dean has like, impacted Castiel’s entire existence. I still view this as platonic, but this is like, deep…


Good God Y’all:

"Dean, give it to me." *Eye-sex*

What is this *blushes* feeling that I’m getting from watching this? *stomach butterflies* It’s like an awkwardness, embarressment…? no that’s not right… but, I like it. I think… is this sexual chemistry? What? Dean doesn’t swing that way…?



Free to Be You and Me:

"Cas, We’ve talked about this. Personal space?" *invades personal space*

OH MY GOD, look at them. Look at Dean. Apparently He does swing that way.

First he explains why it’s inappropriate, intimate, makes sure Cas knows what it means to us humans… and then he invades the hell outta Cas’ personal space for the entire rest of the episode.

They are flirting!! It’s so cute. Maybe it’s not enough to make it a real canon love story or anything, but gosh… it’s so cute.


The End:

"Are you coming?" — "Of Course"

*Sobbing* Are you kidding?! This has nothing to do with believing you are doing whats best for the planet anymore. This is just a ‘You Jump, I Jump’ scenario.

Officially shipping it. FOREVER. OTP.

Castiel loves him, it’s canon. This romantic aspect, combined with the sexual attraction, and the mind-blowingly deep friendship they already had, equals an unparalleled love. At least on Castiel’s side…


Oh Castiel, and your unrequited love! *sobs while they continue to flirt meaninglessly and Castiel proves his love for Dean by continuing to sacrifice himself over and over.*


The Man who Would Be King:

Curse you Dean and you’re emotional constipation! I know you find him attractive (the flirting), and I know you love him (at least in the platonic sense), so why won’t you let yourself love him romantically?

I’ve been waiting for you to tell him you love him back, and you come so close in this episode, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. T_T


Hello, Cruel World:

Well, I don’t like it… but this is the only thing that would push Dean into realizing what he’s lost/how he feels, and when Cas comes back…

If they are trying to make Dean/Cas canon, something like this had to happen because Dean was stuck. Castiel already loves Dean. And this doesn’t mean Destiel will happen from Dean’s side as well, it just means now it can happen on his part.


Love Something to feel it’s loss. - Kill him off to take it to the next level.

That’s what it means, right?


Waiting… Waiting… Waiting…